Hadrien Denoyelle _9802 - After retouched by LulieHadrien Denoyelle

Retouch by: Lulie Talmor
Photography by: Hadrien Denoyelle
Model: Marie Alec
MUA: Maureen Naudts

About Me:

Hello, my name is Lulie Talmor, and I am a freelance Retoucher within the Beauty and Fashion industry with over 4 years experience. My history with drawing and painting has only further developed my artistic eye and skills to enable me to create striking high-end fashion images or simply refine a flawless yet natural beauty. I am also an author and instructor for Retouching Academy, and work alongside students to assist them in developing retouching skills via e-Learning content and workshop events. Working with inspired clients drives my goal to bring their vision to fruition, so please share any notes and reference images you might think are essential to communicate the desired end result.

My Images:

All my before and after images in my portfolio are strictly Time-For-Portfolio works which means my paying customers will not have their raw images displayed unless part of the negotiated deal the photographer and I both agree on. All other raw images I retouch will be kept confidential, but I should be given the rights to use the the final images for my portfolio.

I require the photographer’s permission to retouch, as well as agree to all of the above details, before I begin. A direct email addressed to me would be ideal.

My Rates:

Because every image is unique I will need to see sample images, with a detailed description of what you would like done. This way I can provide an accurate price and delivery time estimate, and I know exactly what I am signing up for.

Vector Self Portrait - Lulie Talmor

Have a great day and thank you for viewing!