Self Portrait - Lulie Talmor


About Lulie

Lulie Talmor is a freelance retoucher within the beauty and fashion industry for over 5 years. Her love of drawing and painting has only further developed her artistic eye and skills to enable her to create striking high-end fashion images or simply refine a flawless yet natural beauty. Lulie was an author and instructor for Retouching Academy, working alongside students to assist them in developing retouching skills via e-Learning content and workshop events.


Though her love and passion is in retouching, Lulie has recently decided to pick up a professional camera herself and is in the process of building her photography portfolio. Check back soon for updates.



harpers-bazaar             cosmo             womens-health            highlights

culture             huf            creem           vestal          zink



All before and after images are strictly Time-For-Portfolio works which means paying customers will not have their raw images displayed unless part of the negotiated deal the Client and Lulie both agree on. All other raw images retouched will be kept confidential, but the rights to use the the final images in Lulie’s portfolio should be given.



Because every image is unique, a sample image with a detailed description of what you would like done is necessary. This way one can determine the starting state of the images, and the amount of work needed to get to the desired result.


System Configuration

Images are retouched with Photoshop CC 2017, on a Wacom Cintiq 24HD with the aid of Conny Wallstrom’s Retouching Toolkit. All screens are calibrated with x-rite i1 Display 2.